Tuesday, June 7, 2011


What is it people say the definition of insanity is, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?  Really?  One wakes up every morning expecting a different result than the prior days events.  One walks out of a door expecting a different weather pattern than the previous exit.  How about walking around a corner, believing in the definition of insanity, 50 times, and solidifying your belief by using the experience to never expect to turn the corner and bump into someone, but, on the 51st time, that is exactly what happens?  We'll just agree that you're intellectual small to bring that definition into your mental fold.

Monday, April 25, 2011

"Thoughts Dependent on the UnMoved Mover"

So, the subtitle of the blog has changed.  Not that I'm going away from political discussion, just that I don't want to be limited by having that theme.

In explanation of "Thoughts Dependent on the UnMoved Mover" as a subtitle, it is simply Thoughts Dependent on the Moment in Time they are conceived, with "Time" being the UnMoved Mover.

It's Been Awhile

Always amazed that I can not look at this blog for a couple months, go back to it, and agree with the things I wrote, though I do not know why I should be surprised by that.

Years ago, when I could feel the energy constantly being sapped from me, I decided to put a part of my mind asleep with the intention of reawakening it a few years later.  The decision was based on the fact that I was driving myself forward at an inhuman pace.  I would walk past snow banks and think about how soft and comfortable they looked, and have to stop myself from just laying down for a nap.  The problem was that the part I put to sleep was what was driving me.

It worked, and I was able to go on and finish what I needed to without destroying myself.  The time that I had chosen to reengage the hyper drive came and went, though.  I had established a flow of life where, if I brought it back, there would not be anyone around who would recognize it, and it would most likely scare them.  Did it damage me by not coming back at the specific time?  Maybe, maybe not.

I was a bit surprised a few weeks ago by a spark.  Working through a thought process, what I would call the "old me," what people from the past would call "me," and what people today would call "strange," unexpectedly came through to finish the thought.  Was this flash a sign that something was returning?  Could my life these days handle that return?  If presented with the right opportunity, I am going to let it go and see what happens.  If it does truly reawaken, I am not putting it back to sleep, ever.  Some will welcome that, some will not like it.  The reason I know it's returning is that I do not give a fuck what anyone thinks of it, it's me.   Deal with it, or get out of my way.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Here and Now

There's something that needs to happen....right now. I cannot emphasize that enough, right now.

Some of you would think that you did that by electing Obama. No, that was a beginning. No, he's not the something that has to happen. The something that had to happen there was the fact that you realized maybe it wouldn't be bad - and do not be fooled into believing that it is.

Now, we have to realize that we have to move on, forward, far and as soon as possible.

We are blinded on all sides by globalization. Problem is, people rushed into globalization in the hope that it will save them, or make them money. No. People are not together enough as a society or even a civilization to make globalization work. Far too much focus is put on helping people and countries outside of "the 48" (and, I'm quite willing to call it a total of 49 based on 1 single person).

Really, if you cannot take the time and help your own, your own people, your own country, to better it, to rebuild it, then why the hell do you think what you can do can help another people or country? If you cannot clean up your own backyard, what gives you the experience to go knockin on a neighbors' door?

What needs to happen right now is that we need to smarten up, better ourselves, our people, our country, then our world. That goes for every people, every country. Better ourselves, then, we'll better each other. Are you capable?